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IT Support, Management & Consulting

Spend too much time screaming and steaming about your technology? Before your face turns a brighter shade of red than a farmer's market tomato, call us and let us take the stress off you. With over 25 years of experience in multiple industries, we can help you make your technology work for YOU.

Audio, Video, & Lighting Services & Consulting

We provide professional audio, video/media and stage lighting services to performance venues, houses of worship, and other venues. Whether you're presently needing to resolve existing issues, want to upgrade technology you currently have deployed, or plan for the build-out of a new venue, we have the experience and critical insights to help you navigate your project and needs.

Why partner with us?

Like you, we're local, we're small, and we have a passion for seeing local businesses and communities thrive.

At the root of all we do is the belief that good relationships with the people we do business with - whether customers, suppliers and vendors, or partners - are everything.

Cultivating and building those relationships is paramount to your success, their success, and ours. As a result of this value, you can count on us to be there for you, to do the right thing, and provide services that bring value to your business - setting you up for success!

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